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Update to medical skill + fishing

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  • Update to medical skill + fishing

    This news is a bit outdated, as I actually added it several weeks ago, but:

    Those with the medical skill set can now level up, just like those in other skills do. Educational cards are available in the Ministry of Science building, and the Professor who teaches the skill will be in that building too.

    You will gain experience on those patients who have been wounded by animal attacks only. You will now see a little message that the wound you are treating appears to have been created by a creature/animal.

    So try not to go around shooting yourselves to gain medical experience, as it shouldn't work anyway.


    Fishing received some extras several weeks ago too. Larger fish can now be found in the center of the lake, and new fishing gear is available for sale in the Pyramid building. The new gear is for those with higher skill levels, in the 50%-75% proficiency range.

    You will also need a raft to get to the new fishing area.