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  • New weapons available

    The weapon shop recently re-opened with several types of new weapons + supplies. The shop itself has had some minor construction work done and the main room is now split into three sections -- and a nifty new map has been added too.

    Most of the newer weapons require a higher skill level (50%+) and will be listed alongside each weapon type. The fancier rifles and pistols now come in several colors and sizes.

    The stronger batteries only work with the newer rifles/pistols.

    Laser particle weapons use a recharger in lieu of batteries. Each charge lasts approx. 20 minutes, and one charger can be used 10 times. There is a sensor on each of the weapon's handles which will display remaining power. Once power is below 25% capacity, the weapon won't be quite as effective. Once below 10%, it works even less effectively and the weapon will provide a low power warning.

    The command to recharge is: Charge my <weapon> with my recharger
    Laser particle weapons use the command : strike <target>