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  • Experience meter + little things

    A couple of minor updates:

    The Skills command will now list an experience percentage. This percentage will show up below each skill you have been active in, and reflects how close you are to being able to get another lesson. So you no longer have to guess how long it will take to level up... now you know for a fact it'll take forever...

    It doesn't currently work for the pop-up version, @skills, but we hope to add that soon. I also need to add it for player-to-player lessons.


    Batteries for weapons have been updated to show remaining charges left. This will avoid confusion with dead batteries getting mixed in with good ones.


    @healdeny is a command to block specific characters from healing you. Since there is a wait time between healings, some characters may wish to be treated in the clinic instead of by a character with lower skills levels. And since medical treatment is not consent based, you can use this to force consent.

    The format is @healdeny "character name" to turn it on, and repeat to turn it off. Only one character at a time can be blocked.