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  • Digital tablet - Kindle ability

    I finished adding several new things to digital tablets recently. Namely, now they work like Kindles (somewhat).

    You can upload your book into a database, so anyone else with a tablet can download it. And you can also download any books listed in the database.

    All newer digital tablets (the skywriter compatible versions, with blue tinted screens), now have a 'backcover' page, as well. This page is meant to be used for excerpts. Any excerpt you write on this page can then be sent to the DB, when you upload your book. The page works like any other page, except:

    There is a 100 character limitation, repeated use of the 'write' command adds a new space, not a new line, and @write and @read will not work with it. And the 'excerpt' command will overwrite any text stored on the backcover page.

    For a list of all tablet commands, type: Ask my tablet "Help"

    Each character has a set limit of 4 saved books each. But if you require more, let me know and I can change it. It's primarily there to keep spam books and such to a minimum. Also keep in mind that administrators and government officials can see all books that have been placed into the database, so it may not be a good idea to write books touching upon certain subjects (colony history, scientist backgrounds, anti-govt. material, etc.)

    If you write a book for the database, I strongly suggest you seal it, save it into the DB, then just put it away somewhere safe. You don't want to accidentally overwrite your new book by loading a new title onto the tablet. I also suggest using Word or some other word processor, and saving any books onto your PC for safekeeping.

    Another addition added recently is that all new tablets are Skyreader compatible. But Skyreader tends to dislike IE, so if you want to use it, I recommend a different browser. Command to use it is simply: @Read.

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