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  • New Medical Training Device

    I just installed a new training device for all characters with the medical skill. It's located in the anatomy lab (2nd Floor, Science Building)... lying on a table.

    He's similar to the organ torso training tool that I am sure many of you have seen. Same body, but now instead of spewing out organs, he just bleeds a lot.

    To use him, first tap the display screen attached to his neck. You can also examine the screen to see check his current blood levels. Once he hits zero, the poor fellow temporarily dies, before he slowly refills again.

    After tapping the screen, a procedure will be announced for you to perform. Have your suturing tool ready beforehand, as each procedure is timed.

    You will be presented with various body parts to suture. Example: It may say to suture -- the abdomen --

    The command to suture him then is: suture synthetic man "the abdomen"

    Use an evoke at the end of the regular suture command for each specific body part. Each procedure is timed, and if you complete it successfully you will gain experience in the medical skill. Regardless of how you perform, he will lose some blood... but he'll lose less if you suture him properly. You can repeat the procedures until he hits 0% blood levels.

    After he is drained of all of his blood, you will need to wait until he refills again. The time is somewhat random, currently set for every 2-4 hours. You can use him repeatedly throughout the day, but it's first come, first served. If someone else drains him, you will have to wait until the next refill before training on him.

    He's still somewhat experimental, so please report any bugs you may find.